Essential TextMate Shortcuts, Tips and Techniques | Nettuts:

I’ve used TextMate for awhile now, but there are still a lot of shortcuts I don’t know. This article presents a lot of the best shortcuts that TextMate offers. A good resource.

I never realized how bad shared hosting could be until I converted a previously static site that was hosted on GoDaddy to Drupal. The performance went down the drain fast. It wasn’t uncommon for a page to take 10 seconds, or even 30 seconds, to load. I did what I could to improve performance, including installing the Boost module. Boost helps quite a bit for anonymous users, but not for authenticated users.

ShowSlow: How to Monitor Your Site's Performance For Free | LevelTen | Dallas, TX:

Thanks to LevelTen for the recommendation of using to monitor your site’s performance! It is open source and completely free and provides an easy way to monitor your site’s performance over time.

What should they know of PHP who only PHP know? | Erskine Labs:

Wil Linssen posts that PHP programmers need to branch out of their comfort zones and explore other languages (or even just other frameworks). I agree wholeheartedly with this advice and it is good advice for all programmers, regardless of your primary language.

My dog likes to attack sprinklers when they come on. It is too funny not to share.

Today is the start of marathon training. It is an 18 week journey that ends up taking up a lot of your time, but I am ready to embark on it again.

I did my first marathon in December of last year in the Dallas White Rock marathon. It was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot, but I stumbled a little toward the end and got a worse time than I hoped for. This year I hope to improve upon my time.

Microsoft Showcase: A Few Perspectives on

Is Microsoft getting scared of OpenOffice gaining popularity? Seems like it. Personally, I use OpenOffice and it works good for me, though admittedly, I don’t do anything more than basic tasks with it.

Drupal 7: HipHop for PHP vs APC – benchmark « mindexception: out of context:

Here is an interesting test to compare Drupal in three different ways: 1) Standard Drupal, 2) Drupal with APC opcode caching, and 3) Drupal compiled with HipHop. Spoiler: HipHop wins!


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