Web developer with five years of experience working with Drupal, including Drupal Commerce. Experience developing custom modules and contributing them back to Well versed in multiple languages and open source technologies including PHP, Drupal, jQuery, JavaScript, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux, Apache, Selenium, Git, and PHPStorm.


Kansas State University - Manhattan, KS

B.S. in Computer Science
Major GPA: 3.84/4.0
Cumulative GPA: 3.67/4.0


Senior Web Developer - Addison, TX - Jan 2012-Nov 2014
  • Develop features in Drupal 6 and 7.
  • Work with Drupal 7 Commerce modules.
  • Develop custom modules for, many contributed back to
  • Work with API endpoints to enable two separate Drupal sites communicate between each other.
  • Write selenium tests to cover new features.
  • Work with drush during development and testing.
  • Write PHP and SQL scripts to execute tasks.

Independent Contractor

Drupal/PHP Developer - Amarillo, TX - Aug 2010-Dec 2011
  • Develop websites using Drupal as the CMS.
  • Perform updates and improvements to existing Drupal sites.
  • Freelance work on PHP based websites.
  • Work directly with multiple clients to give them the website that they desire.

Hale Publishing

Web Developer - Amarillo, TX - Jan 2010-Dec 2011
  • Lead the task of transferring the Hale Publishing website to Drupal.
  • Develop custom Drupal modules specific to Hale Publishing’s needs.
  • Develop the website in Drupal.
  • Develop an interactive system in CakePHP for a call center take calls and log information from the clients.
  • Administer the servers, network and configure backups.


Programmer/Analyst - Manhattan, KS - Dec 2004-Aug 2009
  • Program Oracle reports and write JSP pages.
  • Develop web sites using JSP, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, and HTML.
  • Create and access XML documents via JavaScript DOM.
  • Write, optimize, and test SQL queries.

Kansas State CIS Department

Research Assistant - Manhattan, KS - Apr 2004-Dec 2004
  • Improve upon scheduling algorithms for a Linux cluster.
  • Assist in writing papers to be published for conferences.

Side Projects

2011 - MyFantasyLeague Drupal Module

MyFantasyLeague Drupal module pulls in fantasy football league data from the public API and displays it on your Drupal website. It is valuable for people who have a Drupal website and also play fantasy football on It allows them to display their league standings, weekly results, and live scoring on their website.

2011 - is a project that I created using Zend Framework in my free time. It is built to provide the user with a free option for creating grid pools online. It uses Doctrine 2 as an object-relational mapper, and lets the user create an account and login via facebook or twitter.

2011 - Mrs. Langton's Teaching Resources

Mrs. Langton, my wife and a third year history teacher, wanted a website for her to post about her teaching experience and technology related information. I created the site using Drupal 7. It contains a blog for her, as well as other pages for her to post about lesson plans using various technologies.

2009 - Manhattan Rental Properties

A client wanted a website that lists their rental properties as well as pictures and information about each property for potential tenants. It integrates Google Maps so that people can easily see where the properties are located within the city. The properties with pictures use a JavaScript library to allow the user to easily cycle through the images.


Available on request